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Explore how you can support the Chinook School below.

How You Can Help

Supporting the Chinook School looks different for everyone, but each donation or action helps us keep this space alive for the entire community.

Become a Member

Support our operational and maintenance expenses.

Volunteer Your Time

Help with community events and maintenace needs.

Gift for the Future

Plan a gift in the future as part of your legacy.

Dedicate a Memorial

Remember your loved one with a plaque at the school.

Why Join?

Your Membership Dues

Help Us Give Back

Join as an individual or show your support as a business. You can also join as a Student of the Month to make a monthly recurring donation of any amount.

The Historic Chinook School is where community happens. Your dues support:

Maintenance & Operations

Ensure these beautiful historic buildings stay in operation for generations to come.

Community Work

A place for nonprofits, local government, ports, education, and healthcare to convene and carry out their important work.

Community Gatherings

A place for family, friends, and groups to come together for the milestones of life.

Member Benefits


Discount for Chinook Markets


Discount for Friends of Chinook School hosted events.


Discount on space rentals.


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Sign Up for Volunteer Opportunities

The operations of the Chinook School are made possible in part by dedicated volunteers. Reach out to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities and needs.

Planned Giving

Gift for Tomorrow

Help ensure the future of Chinook School with your planned giving. Your contribution ensures ongoing support for this historic community space.

Dedicate a Memorial

In Honor of Departed Friends and Family

Beautifully crafted by Corky Wilson, the memorial plaque is made of the original wainscot wood from the school and can be found in the school building. Each name is engraved in an individual brass plate by Loop-Jacobsen, Inc. to honor the memory of a departed friend or family member.

105 names have been added to the plaque, and blank plates remain for future names. If you would like to remember a loved one with a donation, please reach out for more information.


We are sincerely grateful for the generous donors, who chose to memorialize a loved one by adding their name to the memorial plaque. Names are listed in order of donation.