Given we are an event center focused on in-person community gatherings and celebrations, Friends of Chinook School (FOCS) did not escape the impact of COVID-19. Restrictions on such gatherings due to the pandemic resulted in a revenue loss of roughly $50,000 over the last two years. We stayed afloat thanks to membership donations, grants, and our volunteer staff.

The larger share of the FOCS revenue went to the critically needed community resource, the food bank. Thanks to generous donations and the Corder Foundation Grants, the food bank is financially secure and sustainable.

FOCS operating revenue did not meet its financial goals in 2020 or 2021, and likely won’t in 2022, though the outlook is positive. We have applied for and received pandemic relief grants and continue to seek such grants through the end of the year. All operations continue to be done by volunteer labor.
Estimated operational expenses in 2022:

  • $65,000: With volunteer-only support
  • $100,000: Required revenue if we had a paid event and operations manager and marketing design and development manager
  • Estimated 2022 operational revenue: $50,000

Our membership drive for 2022 has been a success, bringing in $14,000! Thank you again, to all for your generosity.

We also introduced a new fundraising event, The St Patrick’s Day Dinner, and applied for two grants. Though we haven’t received word regarding the grant funds, we’re optimistic.

Oktoberfest is back! Our goal is to raise $30,000. Please plan on attending on October 8th! Your support is needed.